Privilege and Entitlement

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Privilege and entitlement

Being a disabled person isn’t all stories of suffering and misery. It is so easy to get locked in this mind set with so many restrictions glaring me in the eye each day that I live. From this alternative perspective of life there are some benefits that come with this placement. One in particular is the theme of privilege and how that works with another theme of entitlement. Australia has become a country that embraces and supports disabilities more and more as each year passes. This is obvious to us as we enter shopping centres, car parks, swimming pools, school yards and even cinemas. Large amounts of money and time have been invested in services and fixtures to enable access and involvement of people that make up a significant minority in our community. It has just been announced at a government level that there is a plan over the next 7 year to introduce a taxation law that will enable collection of finds that can be distributed to people living with disabilities to increase their level of capability and comfort. These listed points and others are a privilege for me so that I can get a chance to experience a life that would resemble the closest amount of normalcy that I can achieve. I must explain this further though because on my journey throughout the past decade I didn’t always feel so cheery about this privilege that I was given.

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