Reasons Why You Want To Be Me

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My Aim For Publishing A Ebook.


Life is complicated and life uniquely unfolds for each individual.  I can only hope to understand the life that I have been given. I humbly never assume that I know the life of somebody else or what they are experiencing even if their life appears to be similar. I took this journey of writing my ideas and thoughts to capture mine to assist me initially to cope with how disastrous my life had become. My mental distraction took me out from myself and my everyday physical world as I was able to empty the contents of some of my emotional frustrations and disappointments. Initially, I did not see where that would take me. I didn’t want to see that far ahead because in my mind I could only see a shadier and bleaker future ahead if I projected myself forward in time. So I chose not to look. Instead, I only chose to put one foot in front of the other.

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