by Peter Blundy

financial support

Company versus aloneness: Isolation

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aloneThe circumstances of my physical injuries have placed me in a situation whereby I am in need of 24 hour care so I could comfortably say that I very rarely experience a sense of aloneness. However, in expressing this as candidly as I have, I want to also cave deeper into this theme of company, companionship and aloneness. The process I found myself catapulted into has widened my eyes and opened my perceptions that there is more to this experience in life than I originally saw. I was particularly surprised that there was more information to learn about myself and how I felt about this company that I did have. Continue reading

Family and Care Staff

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Being a quadriplegic is not an easy thing especially when your entire family lives interstate. So it is always a great thrill when relatives travel so far to see you. It makes you appreciate your family connections even more. Finally, there are people around you who really know and care about how you think. That means so much when you’re alone with no family support around you.

I look at the world today and see how the family unit has become so much weaker then when I was a child. Continue reading

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