Chameleon Changing Colour

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Blending In.

Chameleon changing colourThe chameleon is a unique creature, being able to change its colour for the purpose of blending into its surroundings so as to hide unseen beneath its disguise until it is safe to reveal itself. What an amazing creature nature has given us and how much I have loved exploring the nature of this critter and how its behaviours have mirrored the experiences and way my life has unfolded. As I sit back and observe myself interacting with various individuals during conversation, I can see that I adapt and change to match each individual and their persona. This is not a unique trait as it can be easily witnessed in many people in the act of interaction.


The questions are: 1. For what purpose do we change? 2. Why do we adapt our communication style? 3. What would happen if we chose to not change?

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