The Truth Is There If You Look

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The River Rock and the Fish

The River Rock and the FishWould you like to take a mystical journey into a land of make believe but beware as you may discover more truth amongst the journey than the eyes can initially see. This journey holds some truth as to how I live my life and maybe it may broaden your mind, open your eyes and deepen your heart next time you are in the space of an individual who may be physically disabled. You may just start to see life and every moment in a completely different way.

So get comfortable… close your eyes… as we are leaving the real world. Drift away into this mysterious land created for you. Glimpse into a world of make believe but be careful to navigate through and around the lands of truth when you stumble on them. Keep your mind alert for metaphors folding in front of you as you journey forward because they can come to you quickly but vanish just as quickly in an instance with the package of wisdom that they bring to you.

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