The No Limits-No Boundaries Brochure

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It was just after Katrine and I finished the first draft of the business card to send to Jaco that she announced that next we are going to have to develop a brochure??!!!!!!

I had just sorted through in my head the feelings of overwhelm of taking on the business card and all the skills I needed to learn to take on this small-yet for me-huge task, and as usual, she then got the yard stick and lifted it higher… “next we will do a brochure!”

From my last BLOG, you are aware that I was successful in undertaking the business card  to full design, print and receiving the end product. It generated such excitement for me that I was able to achieve this from the standpoint of my physical condition and added encouragement and confidence that I can undertake more than I thought I ever could. It is not such a distant memory for me of those early days that required me to come to terms with being nearly completely paralysed and how I would manage the desolate days of boredom with a full understanding of what I no longer could do. As my life began to become slowly integrated and rehabilitated, I was reminded daily that these thoughts were actual reality…but from the success of this project-my mind had to now cope with this new information of


…potential…       and most importantly…


…that I couldn’t see in those early days.

This next project was a big one for Katrine and I, but not unachievable, and we both knew it.

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