The Journey That Shaped Me – Creating Business Cards

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Birthing the Concept

One Thursday, in the early afternoon was like any other Thursday when I started my computer in readiness for the weeks Speech Therapy session. In the past year our work together had entered into its tertiary rehabilitation stage giving me function and purpose with the direct goal of communication on a global scale via the BLOG site and all its bits and pieces. If someone had said to me 10 years ago that this is what I would be doing… I would have got someone else to pinch me from the dream I was in.

This new medium of collecting my thoughts and ideas enabled me to “somewhat” speak fluently through my written text using the computer as my speech centre”. The fact that it was a write it once and post it-activity really has helped by incredible fatigue given that I can create a document and move on-saving my precious energy for more important things-like talking verbally.

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