Quadriplegic Working On A Computer

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Doing The Impossible

sofType24It’s hard enough to use a computer when you have the use of both hands and you are able to use the many functions on the computer keyboard.

So imagine using a computer with your hands tied behind your back.

That is what it’s like for me to use a computer because of my disability, however I have the use of a program that is suitable for me to be capable enough to complete the many functions required for effective computer use.

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Eating and Drinking Difficulties

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Click here for meaning of  —Dysphagia

beerAs part of my accident my eating and drinking ability was damaged. Having a cup of water before the accident was never thought about, if I got thirsty I would quench my thirst or if I was hungry no big deal I would eat whatever was available.

How things can change in seconds, after the fall now everything I eat and drink I must concentrate on the portion I have in my mouth and where it is positioned, I have lost the majority of use of my tongue that makes the moving of the food around the mouth virtually impossible.

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Going to Bed as a Quadriplegic

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My Routine For Night

standing hoistI leave the position from where I am watching TV and move my electric wheelchair to where I stand up to transfer from my powered wheelchair to the shower chair using the standing hoist. It is not just standing up in the hoist to get into the shower chair; there are many steps that have to be completed correctly before I can accomplish this stand effectively and safely. This document will give you an idea of how complex such a simple task can be for me, or anyone in a wheelchair. Continue reading