by Peter Blundy

3. My Equipment

Disability Equipment I Use

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I have put together some photographs of pieces of disability equipment to show you how they help me in my day to day living. Many solutions are achieved just by using common sense and a little ingenuity. Having a carer who thinks outside the square of conventional thinking has helped me enormously.

 Disability equipment: The Head Scratcher Peter's carer made for him

These things were designed for me. Continue reading

Day Leg Splints

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The day leg splints stop Peter's legs turn in and help him to transfer from the wheelchair into the shower chair

Again these splints help against the tone.

Without them, my feet would turn in.  Using these splints has enabled me to stand both in and out of the swimming the pool.

I can now do standing transfers from my wheelchair into my shower chair for showers. It saves so much time as compared to a sling hoist.

It gives me the feeling of independence – of not having to depend on other people for everything.

The good part about having these splints is that I never have to worry about shoes again!

Hand Splints

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Peter's hand splints stop his fingers making a fist

My hand splints are looking a bit worn as it’s nearly time for a replacement pair. They do the job though, they’re designed to reduce the tone I have in my fingers. Without the splints my finger’s would  close to make a fist which is very uncomfortable. Especially if I have long finger nails which would cut into the flesh of my palm. The hand splints are a must  for comfort. I have them made for me every year by a company called Second Skin situated in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

If I didn’t have them my hands would quickly form fists and I would have no use of my hands at all.

I have them replaced every year.

Night Splints

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These night splints keep Peter's legs straight and still when he coughs at nightThese are my night splints. I wear these when sleep. They keep my legs straight and when I cough my legs remain still.

Before I had these splints every time I coughed my legs would jump up. That was very uncomfortable and meant I got little sleep.

Only having a little sleep would affect the next day’s events because I would be overly tired and have no energy.

The only down side to these splints is that in summer they are so hot to wear I feel like an Eskimo in the Bahamas…

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