by Peter Blundy

1.4 Tertiary Stage – Post Accident

Speaking in Public

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Through the experience of Peter’s Presentation

Written in collaboration with Katrine Pattern and Peter

speaking in publicSpeaking in public is well understood to be one of the greatest fears that people have and many individuals will go to extreme measures to not be put in that circumstance. So firstly, it is normal to be scared. This is especially challenging for people who live with a communication impairment. Just the simple act of talking one-on-one in a discussion with an unfamiliar person can be very unsettling.

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Days, Weeks, Months, Years After The Accident – Part 6

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Continued from: Days, Weeks, Months, Years After The Accident – Part 5

My New Beginning

Depression is always with you. If you do not get some help you wear it like a medallion around your neck. It travels everywhere with you. You can put on a brave face and pretend it is not there but something will trigger it to wake up like this fiery dragon that drags you back down into the depths of despair.

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