by Peter Blundy

1.1 Before The Accident

My Love Of Scuba Diving

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Joy of Diving

Before the accident I was one of the white sheep. I loved being one of the white sheep. I fit into the crowd. I was popular and I was accepted by the group that was my my naval buddies. There was a sense of companionship and also a feeling of safety in numbers, like a pack of wolves. I went to work, I had parties with my friends and I was happily married. Just as we all dream that our lives will unfold as the white sheep with expectations being met. Like other white sheep couples, we wanted to have children but we were unable to at that time in our life. Continue reading

Life As I Remember It Before The Accident

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Life Before The Accident

My name is Peter. I have written this work in the hope that if my words and courage to write about my life journey help just one person realize they have life opportunities that they may not readily see after an accident, then I sleep at night peacefully knowing that I have completed my mission.

missionI was a typical teenager. I thought I was bullet proof and willing to give everything that came across my path in life a go. In those early years I had chosen to be a form three drop out from school which is equivalent to leaving school in year eight today. This abandonment to education at such a young age would not be heard of in this day and age. I am struck down with the awareness now of how much I have changed since those days after being diverted onto this unique but treacherous path and how those God forsaken obstacles have enabled me to develop unrelenting resiliency, supersonic stamina, and powerful perseverance that may not be seen by others at first glance. So there I was at fifteen years of age not finding the will power to tolerate a few school classes because they seemed a little boring to me at the time. Continue reading

Reflection Of My Past History

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These articles are with reference to my journey and how I have coped with the changes in my life. My objective is to attempt to assist others who find themselves in a similar circumstance.

Maybe I can help someone to be aware of what might happen and recognize the signs as they arrive. I am not qualified in medicine in any way.

I have been a quadriplegic for 15 years and I hope in some small way that what I went through may be able to make other quadriplegic people become more aware of what might happen in their future.

I am luckier than most quadriplegics, because I have full sensation in all of my body. I am similar to other quadriplegics but having full sensation has its good and bad points. I feel pain and that can be extremely uncomfortable but it’s a sure indicator that something is wrong with my body. Even though it hurts having intact sensation, it does save me from having the headaches of getting frequent bed sores that other quadriplegics get as I can detect the problems before they get worse. Continue reading

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