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Being Afraid

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Scared Beyond Reason

I have come to realise something about myself after the recent storms in the South East corner of Queensland. As everybody should know tropical cyclone Debbie made herself know to North of Queensland and down to the southern corner before travelling on to northern NSW.

The weather changed in the southern tip of Queensland, so quickly that its sudden deluge of rain was totally unexpected. It was known the cyclone was coming but nobody anticipated its force and the amount of destruction it would leave in its path. Continue reading

People Anticipate What You Might Say

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What Makes Me Cranky

anticipateEver since my accident and not being able to speak, one of the hardest things to get used to is having people anticipate what you’re thinking or about to spell out a comment on the communication board.

Not being able to speak has so many pitfalls people in general never think of. Just to convey in your own words a message has so much power. To take that away from you is something people never think about.

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People You Leave Behind

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lossIf it is in regard to your own death, many say they don’t care about it but it’s the people left behind who feel the pain. Although you may be at ease with your own death, it doesn’t mean everybody else will feel the same way as you do.

This is a complex and difficult subject for people to speak openly about, especially to family and friends. Straight away a lot of people will say they don’t want to speak about it and shut this conversation down before it has a chance to be discussed.
You are right in thinking something must have happened for me to talk this way. I had a family member, who was extremely knowledgeable and realistic, die recently. Continue reading

Is Time Getting Faster?

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Blink And Its Gone

As a child until the age of about 35, time was never an issue. The days were never spoken about; each day just slowly progressed into the next.

From that time to now and especially at this time of my life I feel now on the downhill run of life and time has appeared too sped up exponentially.

I don’t know if it’s because of a quicker lifestyle of today, the use of computers or is it time itself. The weeks are now like how a day was and the weeks just fly past. Continue reading

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