Birth, Life And Death

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Life’s cycle

It has happened since the beginning of time. Your born, live a life and finally die, you have no control over death, it will happen to everybody, it’s just a question of when.

Some people die at birth, some when they are young, and the rest when they are old. It’s something out of man’s control, death will happen, it’s just the matter of time.

When you are young you don’t think much about it unless you have lost somebody close. Most people get on with their daily living and even take risks, and don’t think about it. It’s only when you are older that you look back at your life, and think what an idiot you were back then.

I have spoken about death before, and my only real concern was if it arrived with great pain.

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Growing Old Happens So Fast

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It Happens So Quickly

Firstly life is so much fun especially under 30. It seems from that age life begins to accelerate so quickly.

Its like it was yesterday I was concerned I was about to reach 30, suddenly I am now a senior citizen, where did all those years go. One minute you are young and the next thing you are doing is saying how young the news reporters are.

Its then you wake to the fact you are getting older and think where did that time go?


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The Four Senses I Am Lucky To Have

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My Senses As A Quadriplegic

Since becoming a quadriplegic I realise I am extremely fortunate to still retain my sense of touch, hearing, sight and taste.

Many other quadriplegic people lose most of their feeling below the middle of their chest. For all the feeling I have I am very grateful, as I know I could be a lot worse off such as having to deal with pressure sores and consequentially weakening the skin, creating a weak area of the skin of the buttocks.

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Being Afraid In Queensland Floods

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Scared Beyond Reason

I have come to realise something about myself after the recent storms in the South East corner of Queensland. As everybody should know tropical cyclone Debbie made herself know to North of Queensland and down to the southern corner before travelling on to northern NSW.

The weather changed in the southern tip of Queensland, so quickly that its sudden deluge of rain was totally unexpected. It was known the cyclone was coming but nobody anticipated its force and the amount of destruction it would leave in its path.

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