by Peter Blundy

Living with Disability

Driving with no arms

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richie parkerRichie Parker was born with no arms, with bilateral amelia. This is a non-genetic birth defect, when limbs are simply not formed. Over the course of his life Richie learned to overcome his limitations, and as the video below shows it doesn’t stop him eating all by himself, riding bikes, opening fridges, doors, driving cars and even using computers. For the last eight years he has been working for Hendrick Motorsports, a NASCAR racing organization, where he is an engineer designing chassis and various components for sports cars. Continue reading

Never give up!

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Arthur BoormanArthur Boorman was a disabled Gulf War veteran. He parachuted numerous times that damaged his back and knees. Suffering from severe pain he overate and put on a lot of weight. For 15 year his doctors told him he would never walk again unassisted. He believed them and by the time he turned 47 he almost gave up any hope to walk again… but he knew he should never give up!

Trying to seek help from Yoga instructors they all declined, unwilling to take up the challenge… except one.

One day Arthur saw an article about Yoga by Diamond Dallas Page and decided to contact them. They accepted him and started working with him. The video below is a testimony to the miracle that occurred.

So many other veterans like him become depressed and collapse into themselves. Arthur’s example shall shine as a bright star in the night sky that there is always hope…

And now here is the very touching story:

Abuse of disabled women

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disabled womanOne may think the society treats the disabled with respect, but new study reveals the shocking tragedy that this is not so. Particularly, disabled women are twice as likely to be abused as others, and the violence is committed against them in institutions and boarding houses. In these environments the violence committed against them is not only prolonged, but is often more severe and is suffered at the hands of a number of individuals, often fellow residents and carers. Continue reading

Amputees who would not have it any other way

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disabled womanIt is unimaginable for many of us what life would be if we lost a limb or suffered from any other severely disabling conditions. People who become disabled often collapse emotionally. The waves splash over their heads and depression sets in. Having all motivation gone they lose contact with the society.

However, it doesn’t have to end here. Some people, similarly to me, have found life after the trauma, life that turned out to be far more fruitful than it ever was. Continue reading

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