by Peter Blundy


Bionic sight

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bionic eyeWe do not fully appreciate the treasures we have with our senses until we lose them. We take our sight, hearing, feeling of heat and pressure granted. Generally, we take our health granted… until it gradually slips away. It is only when you lose what you had that you realise the value of it. Continue reading

Control objects with your mind

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mind controlled vehicleNot long ago mind control still belonged to the realm of science fiction, but science has advances so much that it is now a reality today.

At the laboratories of biomedical engineering at the University of Minnesota professor Bin He and his associates developed a 3D brain-computer interface that allows the controlling of object by brain waves, without implanting a chip in the brain. Continue reading

Sensor may lead to artificial skin that senses the environment

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Artificial skinScientists at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed a flexible sensor utilising nano technology, an array of inexpensive, low voltage nano sensors that may lead to the creation of artificial skin that can feel touch, humidity and temperature. There has been earlier attempts to develop such e-skins, but they could only detect touch. These sensors are ten times more sensitive than earlier touch-based e-skins.

This artificial skin, once developed, could be attached to prosthetic limbs enabling amputees to sense their environment.

Read the complete article here: Breakthrough Could Lead to ‘Artificial Skin’ That Senses Touch, Humidity and Temperature

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