Growing Old Happens So Fast

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It Happens So Quickly

Firstly life is so much fun especially under 30. It seems from that age life begins to accelerate so quickly.

Its like it was yesterday I was concerned I was about to reach 30, suddenly I am now a senior citizen, where did all those years go. One minute you are young and the next thing you are doing is saying how young the news reporters are.

Its then you wake to the fact you are getting older and think where did that time go?


Its hard to accept looking back and thinking time has gone so quick. I remember my parents saying things about time and never thought one day I would be doing exactly the same when I reached their age. My mother is still happy and over 100.

That is amazing because she has been through so much in her own life, but she is a determined woman. If she thinks she is in the right, look out, she will fight tooth and nail until she receives the outcome she believed was right.

Even in her nursing home she will speak up if she believes something is wrong, and being in a hospital as a nurse when she was young makes things difficult for her nurses at times.

I know I have seen a big change in society in my life time, I can’t imagine what mum has been through. WW2, Korea, Vietnam and many more over these last few years. She was not part of the wars as a military person, but she felt the effects back in Australia. That would have still been difficult to deal with.

SAD DAY TODAY, 15TH SEPTEMBER 2017. Mum died today R.I.P. The time since is difficult but you must move on. Which brings me to the following.

Now its my turn watching the news and wondering if this period is heading to the end of a peaceful existence. What is going with North-Korea? Will there be a war? I have no idea, but surely common sense will prevail, but only time will tell.

This war of words between America and North-Korea has the world on edge which could be dangerous with a over reaction. Lets hope this doesn’t push us in a conflict.

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