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Mind ReadingThis article continues the subject of Achieving Immortality – Becoming a Hologram.

Our thoughts may not be safe much longer. Research is already under way to read our thoughts. Not only our thoughts, but our INNER THOUGHTS. The prospect of someone else being able to read out thoughts is frightening. Can we get convicted for thought crime? When we are upset with someone? How can we guard our thoughts? Is there a way to train our mind so we only ever think about what is noble and nice?

We find many examples in religious books when a deity is able to read the minds of people. In the light of current development such stories are no longer far fetched.

Of course, the reading of our thoughts is a necessity if we want to have our mind transferred into a powerful quantum computer. But who will command these computers? Once we get transferred into them, don’t we lose all control over our destiny? Who can we trust with maintaining and preserving our very self, our mind?

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