Being Afraid In Queensland Floods

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Scared Beyond Reason

I have come to realise something about myself after the recent storms in the South East corner of Queensland. As everybody should know tropical cyclone Debbie made herself know to North of Queensland and down to the southern corner before travelling on to northern NSW.

The weather changed in the southern tip of Queensland, so quickly that its sudden deluge of rain was totally unexpected. It was known the cyclone was coming but nobody anticipated its force and the amount of destruction it would leave in its path.

Even as it was travelling to Northern NSW it was leaving a trail of destruction. I have never experienced anything remotely close to the amount of rain the cyclone brought with it.

No one was safe from her ferocity. The rain was so intense for days with no signs of easing. The rain just kept bucketing down and the noise of the rain on the roof was so deafening.

In that time, I was so compulsive, I was always wheeling my wheelchair into the spare bedroom checking the lake at the rear of my house, which is located in a park. Lucky for me there is an about 80 yard gap from my house and a steep incline in the last 10 feet to my property.

Until that day I never realised how obsessed I was if something was outside of my control. I could not stop going into the spare bedroom to look out the window at the height of the water. It was in the back of my mind that if the water came up too high I would be trapped within the estate. There was no way to get away because all the roads out of the estate were flooded.

The natural slant of the land leads water away from the property so the water follows the slant of the land. Which was great for me but not so good for other people in the slant. Many areas were closed to traffic because the water was across a lot of roads. It was just too dangerous, but not for some.

I cannot think why people who ventured into the flooding would not think about things like snakes, sewage, bacteria to name a few. They too are washed into the flooded areas. Still there is always the young people mostly who ignore the warnings.

Is this event caused by the global warming?  Flooding is becoming more frequent as the years go by. The storms are more violent, look at Sydney and Victoria lately. Is this a sign of things to come? Weather patterns have changed so much in the last few years, the rain events are more furious, wind is stronger, even the Great Barrier Reef is being effected, WHY.

Is pollution combined with higher air and water temperature a factor? Are we slowly killing the planet. Scary things to think about, especially for the next generation.


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