Achieving Immortality – Becoming a Hologram

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Dmitry ItskovDmitry Itskov is a Russian billionaire, who founded the 2045 Initiative. This is an organisation that works on making immortality a reality. The idea is that one day the mind will be read into a computer, and receive holographic bodies.

Does it sound like science fiction? Well, he believes it is possible to achieve, else he would not have started it. While today’s computers don’t have enough connections to simulate the brain, quantum computing promises magnitudes greater power, making it a possibility that one day our mind can be read and we can live indefinitely inside the computer’s artificial world.

What if in the future our bodies can be cloned and our mind including our memories can be transferred back into our brand new bodies? Or perhaps our bodies must also go through transformation making it less vulnerable to injuries and with the aging process eliminated. What if all these will become a possibility in the future?

Scientists are also hacking into the universe, cutting into the fabric of space, slicing the smallest atomic components to pieces, and among others trying to understand such things as mass, gravity and time. Perhaps one day journeying back in time will become possible.

What if people from the future will regularly venture back in time and read everyone’s mind into an incredibly powerful computer system?

What if the Near Death Experience is nothing else, but our encounter with them, our experience of entering this virtual world? If that is the case, maybe death is no longer to be feared…

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