Is Time Getting Faster?

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Blink And Its Gone

As a child until the age of about 35, time was never an issue. The days were never spoken about; each day just slowly progressed into the next.

From that time to now and especially at this time of my life I feel now on the downhill run of life and time has appeared too sped up exponentially.

I don’t know if it’s because of a quicker lifestyle of today, the use of computers or is it time itself. The weeks are now like how a day was and the weeks just fly past.

I have a computer lesson on every Friday afternoon by using Skype with my computer tutor. That day comes for instruction so fast. No sooner I finish a session on the computer and especially when a question arises during the week, I leave asking about my difficulty until my next session on the following week.

It’s a time tunnel for that week in time because before you know it the week has gone.

time-tunnelThere goes another week and the time feels like days. Is this only happening to me? I don’t think so; even children of today say the time goes so quickly by. That conversation never came up for me or my friends as a child.

Today is very different because at sometime you will hear somebody say “Where did the time go”. I don’t know if other people have seen the you tube clip explaining as time goes on, time it seems is also speeding up making the days appear to go a lot faster.

Is this a scientific fact or just part of the ageing process? I am unclear about this and would love to know. I cannot complain because after my accident I was given 5 years to live that was 22 years ago.

downhillI am still here annoying people to the best of my ability, even though I am speechless. I have heard many stories from people who went too hospital and it seems like the hospital enjoys giving you no hope of improving.

This must destroy some peoples will to carry on with life and simply give up and fade away. In my case I was different because I thought to myself nobody tells me what to do.

So from that time, I was even more determined to prove people wrong. All I thought, over and over was how dare he say that too me. I will show him and kept thinking I would love to walk back to him and say you were wrong in front of his students at the hospital.

What a buzz for me that would give me however that is very childish and would achieve nothing but self satisfaction. I will not sink that low.

I am unsure how correct this is so if you know please inform me using my feedback.

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