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sofType24It’s hard enough to use a computer when you have the use of both hands and you are able to use the many functions on the computer keyboard.

So imagine using a computer with your hands tied behind your back.

That is what it’s like for me to use a computer because of my disability, however I have the use of a program that is suitable for me to be capable enough to complete the many functions required for effective computer use.

SofType is the name of my program base best suited to my needs.
Many parts below are taken from the SofType web site:

SofTypeTM 4.5
International Language On-Screen Keyboard for Windows
Default Layout of US English On-Screen Keyboard
SofType 4.5 has been designed specifically for use with both US English and other languages. SofType has the same potential to enter text into Windows.

AutoClick and Dragger
SofType has a dwell variety feature called AutoClic. When AutoClick is made switched on, the clicking functions are achieved by holding the pointer still over the letter on the on screen keyboard for a length of time. Usually under a second however you can adjust the time length sofType will click at.

The Jitter Box feature can be adjusted for a user’s the individuals capability to hold the mouse pointer still. Jitter Box is used to enlarge the AutoClick target area and thereby compensate for user instability.

Dragge is a toolbar incorporated into SofType which allows AutoClick and single-switch users to perform all of the common clicking functions of a two-button mouse. Specific buttons on the Dragger toolbar are connected with the common clicking functions — Double Click, Left Drag, Right Click and Right Drag. Dragger also has an AutoClick Rest (On/Off) button, which enables and disables AutoClick’s dwell feature.

Floating the Dragger toolbar is a very functional way to use Dragger. This will allow you to position Dragger on a seldom-used area of the screen. SofType’s keyboard can be hidden and still allow the use of Dragger’s dwell feature. This is especially useful while using applications which do not require text entry, such as a web browser or card game like Solitaire.

Predictive Word Completion
Word Prediction stops keystrokes when words are selected from the word list. As you begin to type, a list of words will appear in the Word Bar on the side, which match the spelling of the word you type. When your word appears in the list, simply click on the word you have chosen. This feature will automatically complete the word and add a space at the end.

This program is first-rate for my use and I encourage other people who have the physical disabilities to try this program. There is not a lot on my computer I cannot achieve to that of a able body person. My blog is written using this program, which is http://www.peterblundy.com/ and you will see by the writings, pictures and video can be achieved.

It allows me to travel anywhere in the world from the convenience of my home office and my computer .

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