Comedy versus Violence

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I was born in the 50’s and at that time and for some years later, comedy on stage was the main attraction. The violent programs shown today on T.V. is something I cannot recall. When I was young programs of that nature were not seen. 

It was a different time. T.V had only just begun in 1956 in Victoria.

It was a privilege just to own a T.V. and because of the expense many people would congregate at somebody’s home who owned a T.V. just to watch this new form of entertainment.

Watching TV together in the early daysI can remember how important the News was for my parents to watch nightly.

The ABC news especially would be put on every night at 7 P.M. My family would gather around the T.V. and be in amazement and mesmerized at the new form of modern technology.

The entertainment industry has changed so much from the early days of T.V. It was mainly comedy and current news programs but they were not sensationalized like today’s news events.

The main programs nowadays are all about law, violence and even in the news there are very few feel good articles.

Is this type of reporting a contributing factor to the increase of aggression of today’s society?

If you watch this it will show just how T.V. has changed. From good clean fun to murder and evil on every channel. You can’t tell me that has no impact on the kids of today and even psychologically vulnerable adults.

Below is a sample of the T.V. program that I watched in my early years of growing up.

Surely a program that promises humour and fun, laughter not hate would have to have a more positive influence on the audience. Taking peoples mind away from their worries even though it would only be only for a short period. At least you can forget your troubles while you enjoy your T.V. program.

Now compare that video to what is seen every day on the nightly news, here is another example for you to compare.

What has the future have for us?

Is this the beginning of the end?

How much more can civilization go down hill.

I guess its up to us.


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