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A Time For Holidays

In 1994 was the year of my accident and ever since that day it’s been a very repetitive existence.  After coming to terms with the dramatic turn in my once dynamic life style I settled into this completely new way of living as a quadriplegic. It was vastly different living to my life before my accident. There were no relaxing or holidays for me from this lifestyle in those times so there was no time to put the feet up and wind down. In the 365 days of the year for the past 17 years gets to your outlook on life after a while and its then I say to myself it’s time to get away for a break.

At that point I know I need a break from the everyday routine of living a quadriplegic life style. Around the date of my birthday I make it a point to travel from Brisbane in Queensland and catch a plane to Melbourne in Victoria around 1700 kilometres away to visit my family and friends. It’s a long day of travelling to visit the family but its well worth it. Just to be with them and enjoy their company is of great significance to me and to them. I spend as much time at I can visit my relatives and friends but after a week of holidays I am well on the way to wanting to return back home and to my residence.

There is allot of physical exertion I have to perform every day I am on holidays. Because I don’t use a lifting hoist I stand for each transfer required. That can be at least 4 stands a day minimum. After a week of doing this I am becoming weaker in standing and my stamina is dwindling rapidly. However I still use it as a good week of exercising for me.
Besides the visiting people I know, it’s a week of gorging yourself with every type of food imaginable. It’s not the time to start a diet that is for sure. Nearly every meal is take away and what is not eaten for that meal goes into the fridge for another time, even for breakfast the following day. Staying any longer than a week would have my carers and myself looking life a side of a barn through eating so much but it’s fun to do things within reason on the spur of the moment just to break the programme of how I would normally behave.

Shopping for clothes is another necessary while I am away. It’s my time of the year I buy clothes to see me through the following year. I am alike so many men I couldn’t care less about the style of clothes as long as I am warm, decent in the outward show who cares about my appearance.

I have travelled a large distance to another state, I have viewed family and friends, I have shopped so now I feel  if I don’t go shopping for a month it’s okay, I also did some sightseeing with the carers and by this point I am well aware my body is telling me it’s time to go home.  I am returning to a routine of everyday activities with everybody who looks after my care for me. I do repartition in the activities of my daily life so my carers will know what to expect if my schedule is the same in my everyday living.

So it’s back to the monopolise manner of doing my everyday living that sees my through each day. Until next year rolls around and that is happening faster each year, when this break from home once again repeated.

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