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My name is Peter Blundy, I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I have a brain injury. This is classed as Locked-in Syndrome secondary to severe brain stem injury. Damage to the brainstem affects my speech, swallowing and I can’t use my limbs very much. I have lost all my balance and I require 24 hour care.  I had my accident some years ago in 1994. I have learned a lot in these years and hope to pass along some of the things I have learned. Hopefully, I can help make life a little easier and lend support to other people with major disabilities.

My life after brain injury has not been an easy trip to take. There has been a lot of self-discovering to do. Your journey may not be easy either. You might not like what you find out about yourself as I didn’t. But along the way you may discover that you can become a teacher to other people and you may even teach people something about themselves without them being aware of it. There are so many subjects that I can cover and it will take time to complete the journey. Everybody moves at a different pace in life. Some of you may possibly take years before you can move forward after a major disability. After an accident it can take time to accept what has happened to you.

Peter Blundy with brain injury since the accident in 1994I have created this space to allow you the opportunity to look into my life. I have created this site to inform others with a disability.  You can still achieve self satisfaction and a purpose in life to get up every morning. My disabilities are numerous but that is no reason not to attempt the very best I can do. On my site you can also find news articles related to disability, either about people who one way or another became victorious over their limitations, or about various disability related research made in the area of medical science or robotics.

Thank you,

Peter Blundy