Peter Blundy – Life after Brain Injury

The Second Voyage

My name is Peter Blundy, I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I have a brain injury. This is classed as Locked-in Syndrome secondary to severe brain stem injury. Damage to the brainstem affects my speech, swallowing and I can’t use my limbs very much. I have lost all my balance and I require 24 hour care. I had my accident some years ago in 1994. I have learned a lot in these years and hope to pass along some of the things I have learned. Hopefully, I can help make life a little easier and lend support to other people with major disabilities.

My life after brain injury has not been an easy trip to take. There has been a lot of self-discovering to do. Your journey may not be easy either. You might not like what you find out about yourself as I didn’t. But along the way you may discover that you can become a teacher to other people and you may even teach people something about themselves without them being aware of it. There are so many subjects that I can cover and it will take time to complete the journey. Everybody moves at a different pace in life. Some of you may possibly take years before you can move forward after a major disability. After an accident it can take time to accept what has happened to you.

Peter Blundy with brain injury since the accident in 1994I have created this space to allow you the opportunity to look into my life. I have created this site to inform others with a disability. You can still achieve self satisfaction and a purpose in life to get up every morning. My disabilities are numerous but that is no reason not to attempt the very best I can do. On my site you can also find news articles related to disability, either about people who one way or another became victorious over their limitations, or about various disability related research made in the area of medical science or robotics.

Thank you,

Peter Blundy

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  • Hi Peter,

    Great work! Keep on sharing your story.



  • Hang in there Peter and keep up the good work!
    I too have suffered from a Brain Injury, back in 1995. Life has not been easy nor have I had much support from family. I’ve pretty much been the main motivator in my rehabilitation. Lucky me I did not have a spinal cord injury!
    You are a great example of how life can still be fullfilling after disabilty strikes.
    Your story, and example are important and help others to keep their chin up and soldier onward.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

  • Hi Peter

    you are a great inspiration to us all

    love Di

  • Hi Peter,I finally found a website that I can maybe be able to share and make a friend or two.I was in the google website,and I was looking for a site of some sort to be able to maybe talk to other people who have suffered from a mrsa or staph infection.There was none except myself,haha.Peter I then started to search for disibilitys,and this had came up with like 3 members,well not that I wanted a large group of people,but just someone who I can talk to that will understand my pain.I have not read your story except for the home page when I first came into your site.I will read as much as I can and also I would like to be able to maybe talk with you if your able to.It seems in life,we all have something wrong or we are fighting some sort of battle,and with the things we both been through and still going through in life,has a great meaning.Peter Im sorry that you have to deal with such a way of life,,I always have said this,why me..why WHY ME,why couldnt this happen to the guy down the street who is using drugs and not working why cant things like what has happened to us happen to them.I get angry at times,when I see all these people around me doing nothing with there lives,yet they are the ones who seem to have all the good things come there way,unlike us,all the bad comes my way.I dont understand why we have to suffer such a tragic life.Peter I get angry at times,yet I have gotten better over the course of just 5 yrs.I will and want to talk to you,and I want you to know that I’am deaf ok,so a phone will not be a good cause to talk,but not toatl deaf,just partly and its enough tho.I have had so many things happen to me in my life,if I could only write a book im sure it would be a #1 seller,lol…ok brother Im done ranting on,lets get down to our new friendships.Peter I want to first be able to know your getting my notes ok,will you please answr back on the site your friend started for you,Bela,sounds like a good man.I dont have a family,so it makes life even harder for me.I will be around,online that is,lol..I hope we can get together soon and chat.Have a nice day,and remmber you are making a differance in other peoples lives…Your new friend,Dale Kerr

  • Wow – You finished it, good on ya mate…

  • Your website is a great idea. I feel inspired that you have done so much even in the face of so much apparent adversity. Keep sharing xxx

    • Thank you for your comment I do appreciate it. If you have any queries about things I do in my everyday life please write to me and ask me. It could inspire me to write on another subject.

  • Hey Peter – your site is fantastic and your ‘learnings’ are now being taught – Thank you

  • Gday Sticks, I am truly sorry to hear of your accident, I have just stumbled on this site, via facebook. I served with you somewhere, possibly Nirimba or Cerberus. I joined boats in 79. I too am disabled, due to a Naval physio. Keep up your story mate, what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger. The best to you my friend. Darryl

    • Gday Darryl, boy its been a long time between drinks. I am glad you contacted me and thanks for your comment. I don’t have many people reply so its a thrill when I get one. I will be in contact with you via facebook. Thanks again for your comment. Peter (sticks)

  • “Peter Blundy: Life after brain injury” was a pretty pleasant article, .
    I hope you keep composing and I will continue to keep browsing!
    I appreciate it -Milan

  • Hi my friend hope this finds you doing better.I hope you will remmber me too.Im the guy you met in google from your friend who made your website for you.Im so sorry that I cant remmber his name,its in my mind I just cant blurt it out to you.Peter Im walking a little bit more everyday.Its hard and very painfull.Im getting ready to start posting my x-rays of all my broken bones and all the steel pins,rods,screws,plates,and just all the hardware that holds my body together.Peter I think about you more than you know,and Im sorry I dont contact you enough as I should do.I hope you will forgive me for that,as I know how important it is to get mail from friends,I know it is for me.Peter a old friend found me from Colorado last week.She used to be my girlfriend and thats why we call them ex-lol…anyways she found me through a website called and read my story there and sent me a letter telling me how sad it made her to hear this news.I know she still loves me,and I do her too but thats been 15 yrs ago and life goes on.I told her I doubt I could ever have a full relationship with any girl again,I mean I could as long as there wasnt any sexual relations involved,and thats hard to find a women who will have that kind of relationship.I hope you have better days ahead,I hope to hear from you again too my friend,I will make a point to write you back more often as I once said I’d do.I want to send you some pictures of the house my Amish friends have been working on for me,they are almost done.They will be done by next spring and I will make a live video for you to watch ok….Peter,I pray for you,I pray that God will bless you with a new life,any kind of new life would be very nice to have,I know I could use a new body myself.Untill next time Peter,please keep in touch,Love and Peace to you always,your friend,Dale Kerr

  • Your story is truly inspiring. I read a quote the other day by -Mahatma Gandhi, it read, ‘Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will’. Your are an inspirational man who holds true to this quote. I also think you are blessed to have Katrine in your life. Your website is fantastic. Keep sharing your story.

    • Thanks for your kind words, its a thrill for me to receive a reply to the blog. I am lucky to have Katrine working with me who helped start this project. As well as Katrine I have Bela Lantos assisting me with the SEO side, so now I have a good support team backing and assisting me. Thank you

  • Hi Dear Peter,

    Great website, – gratulation to Bela doing a TOP job with it 🙂

    Thank You for this great idea Peter for being in cyberspace – that You are out and about virtually and You touch and inspire so many people by doing so.
    It is great that in this lifetime through the Internet You can have a REAL sense that THE REAL YOU are not confined ..

    Keep creating and never stop dreaming – You ARE LIMITLESS.

    Warmest Regards,


    • Thanks for your words of encouragement, it means a lot to me. I hope other people find my site and feel similar to you. Thanks again –Peter

  • Gday Sicks, how are you doing champ, well I hope. Have a great Anzac Day. Thinking of you at this time. Darryl Dick.

  • Hi, Peter. Bela directed me to your site today. I’ve been the sole full time carer of my friend Robbie for over twenty years. He’s 41 born with cerebral palsy quadriplegia and has schizophrenia. I hope to make a documentary about us so we can save lives and help others avoid the many pitfall carers and the disabled find themselves in. I also have a website I made for him. . I’ve tried advocating for 20 years but have been silenced at every turn. But things are changing and soon I will be in a far better position to advocate and make a real difference. I am disabled myself with degenerative spinal disease and muscle wasting. So pleased our paths have crossed. 🙂

    • Thank you for your reply, its always a thrill to me to receive a comment. Your idea to make a documentary is a brilliant and hopefully it would make people more away of the disability community. Thanks again.

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